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A Little Bit About Us

Our mission of All Saints Academy is to provide an excellent, faith-based education that supports the whole person, and all the gifts God has given that person, no matter their age. We want our students to not only grow and learn in their education but in their community and the world around them.

It’s important to not only provide the best education for the students as ASA, but to also provide a place where they can nurture and grow their spirit through:

  • Unique opportunities such as the arts, sports, and STEM classes.
  • Teachers that care about the whole person, exactly as they are.
  • Smaller classrooms that encourage students to find success at their pace.
  • A community that welcomes diversity.

What is different at All Saints Academy?

Our teachers love getting to know each student personally and our small classrooms provide the perfect environment for relationships to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

We’re proud of the fact that our students get to grow their talents as well as their knowledge. If your children love music, sports, or art, we’re happy to support the gifts God has given them.

From our fully licensed teachers to our consistent high marks in standardized testing, we are committed to providing your kids with the best education there is.


Our Background

All Saints Academy

At one time, we were three different schools connected with three different churches in the St. Cloud area, – the Church of St. Paul, the church of St. Peter, and St. Michael’s Church. All Saints Academy takes in the core values of each of those saints and uses them to guide how we love, how we teach, and how we reach out to the world.

Saint Michael is considered a champion of justice, a healer of the sick, and a guardian of the Church. We believe in championing for justice for those who cannot always speak for themselves.

St. Paul showed us that anyone can be accepted by Christ and then go on to share the Good News to all parts of the world. In much the same way, we all know that God can transform each of us if we let him. With God we can do all things!

Saint Peter was a great leader of other Christ-followers after Christ ascended to heaven. We believe in teaching our students the importance of being a great leader, no matter where their feet may find them.

Our saints guide us as we guide your children through their education at All Saints Academy.

Some of Our Friendly Teachers

Becky Decker

2nd Grade

Cindy Bautch

1st Grade

Nicole Stemper

1st Grade

Sandy Warzecka


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