As you start this important journey of building up a strong foundation of not only education for your child, but faith and community as well, we’re sure you will have some questions along the way. Our school families have found All Saints Academy to be a great investment to their children’s success, but of course, they’ve had some questions along the way, just as you will. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn answers to the most commonly asked questions, but always remember to contact us if you have additional questions or need a bit more follow up. We welcome your questions!

  • Does our family have to be Catholic to attend All Saints Academy?

    No! We welcome families from any faith background. And don’t worry, we will always respect your child’s faith, and they will never be singled-out or made to feel different. Coexisting in a diverse world with people of different faiths, backgrounds, and schools-of-thought is a value we nurture in our students.

  • What is your average class size?

    Our average class size is 16 students per classroom.

  • Is busing available for ASA students?

    Busing is provided for students who live within St. Cloud School District boundaries.

  • Do you have special services for students who need extra help?

    Yes! Students can receive Title 1 and special education services through the St. Cloud public schools.

  • My child is dyslexic. How can you help him or her be successful?

    Over 25% of our student body is dyslexic. Our staff is trained to watch for warning signs of dyslexia and dysgraphia and also offer accommodations to help all students feel successful.

  • Does ASA have before or after school care programs?

    Yes. We offer a before school program that begins at 6:30 a.m. each day for $3/morning. Our after school program runs until 6 p.m. each day for $12/day. We also offer a summer care program for our students.

  • Are there any special classes?

    We currently offer music, Spanish, phy-ed, art and STEM to all of our students.

  • What is the school safety plan?

    We strive to keep our students safe. We are a secure campus.

  • How does tuition work?

    We have a unique tuition system at All Saints Academy and do not turn anyone away due to financial concerns. Please contact us for more information.

  • What is expected of parents in regards to fund raising?

    We have Extravaganza at the end of April, a fun, entertaining fundraiser!

  • Does ASA offer hot lunch?

    Yes, we do have a hot lunch program!

  • Can we enroll our child in the middle of a school year?

    Yes, let’s chat!  We ask that you call the school office to set up a meeting with the principal prior to registering.

  • Do ASA students wear uniforms?

    No. We do have a dress code for our students.

  • Do you follow the calendar of local area school districts?

    We use a hybrid calendar created from the St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids-Rice public schools.

  • Does All Saints Academy follow the curriculum standards required by the State of Minnesota?

    Yes. We use the Minnesota standards as guidelines as a basis for our curriculum.

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